31 August, 2009


Stamford is falling apart.
Scofield area wells are all contaminate (not true, but that's the hype, some are).
The police Station is falling down (okay partially true).
The technical school is closed (now that is true)!
The list goes on, but between the republican watchdog (???) Tarzia and the Democrat Mayor, Malloy, life is confusing.
On the one hand the Finance board keeps workers at a minimum and tries to keep wages down and so we have fewer city services.
One the other we have money spent on well meaning, but not essential projects like the Mill River Park and rubberizing all the ball fields in Stamford.
I think it is a mess.
I watched the Topix on the Scofield thing and realized it is much easier to blame "government" than to take any responsibility yourself.
What if Homeowners misused the chemicals for termite control? It is far easier to blame the city dump than to say, oops.
The Ct governor closing Wright tech is just plain mean, it only hurt the kids who actually want to do something with their lives.
The Mill River and the parks are just stupid, but I have said it all before.

09 August, 2009

Acting like children

What do I know? Probably nothing, this post might get me in trouble, if I had a following.
Some one will probably tell some one and I'll get pulled over for a broken tail light or something.
So here it goes.
Advocate headlines - Lyme disease, dead birds, mites and ticks.
These are things that EVERY Stamford resident deals with, most of the year.
The Connecticut Agricultural Station has reported mosquitoes positive for West Nile Virus in Greenwich. They have said to expect to see dead birds due to West Nile, especially Starlings and crows.
Ticks and Lyme disease have been issues in Stamford since, I don't know when, a long time, since it was discovered, I think.
Birds and bird mites have also been big issues, okay I don't know, I'm guessing, but birds carry mites, right?
So what's the big deal with the police?
They are complaining about the same things we residents deal with every day.
What they want is a new building.
That's right, a new building.
I was till I found out that the new looking building was only a face lift, like putting silicone in a sagging chin. No real change, but it looks better.
What should have happened instead of lining all the soccer fields with Astro Turf was to use one of the properties the city owns and build a new police station.
But no, Astro turf was more important.
The Mill River project was more important than an old building.
I even remember reading that they can't use water fountains in the building because of lead.
Now to the children. Instead of making the case rationally to all of us that they need a new building, they act like 2 year olds and distract every one from the real issue by acting like they are some how mistreated because they get Lyme disease or have dead birds around their main building.
Will anyone ever learn?