29 December, 2008

Why is this allowed?

Today was a day unlike many when the weather is nice and I was out and about walking during my short lunch. I often happen behind Il' Falco on my way to Target and almost alway find that the back door to the kitchen is open. Would not be so bad, but there is NO screen! It doesn't even look like it has a place for one. Now Il' Falco suposedly has good food, but I do not think I would ever want to eat there thinking about what is coming in the door. The Health Department doesn't seem interested, I called about it years ago and well it's still open! This is another example of things that are broken just like 'On Stamford" wrote about the speed monitors in this place that may or may not work.

24 December, 2008

well it is Christmas

Well nothing to say 'cept merry christmas!
More posts on the interesting things that happen in the strange and unusual "City that works!"
And remeber if you find a city worker that is, the limit on gift's value is $50.00!

22 December, 2008


At first I thought this would easy and I would certainly get a local following, but i realize, lookin' at the blogs I follow, that you get comments if you are funny or tragic, I am neither, so I should expect no comments. I have also carefully kept my profile fairly inconspicuous, so no one is going to try to be my friend either. I am neither republican or democrate, but find the ways this city work (or not) interesting. An example of a conversation I heard the other day. It had to do with a public works project which had been budgeted for $300,000, but would cost $600,000 to finish. The conversation went something like this:
Person 1: "So with that shortfall how is the project going to get finished?"
person 2: "We'll get the rest of it anyway."
Person 1: "you going through the boards?"
Person 2: "No, but we'll get it."
I know this sounds simple, but it really underminds the whole way the friggin' governemnt is set up. No true review or oversight by the boards to see how money is spent (not that I think the boards are right by funding half of a project, but that is another story) and obviously there is $300,000 that is being set aside for something else that will be delayed or was never needed. I have seen a copy of the budget and the thought of all of this is frightening.

20 December, 2008

Good Things

Not everything I post will be criticizin' things in this small town, tryin' to grow up town, Stamford. One of the very bright spots has been garbage and recycling. I know the Tarzia faction wanted to make a big deal about the new trash cans and the elimination of backyard pick-up, but I like the new cans and they are easier to work with for me. I also could newr understand the frevor over backyard pick-up. I mean really, for many people (me included) it didn't happem anyway. Yes to get my garbage picked up I had to hail my cans out to the street, the guys would not come in my fenced area to get the garbage. And believe it or not I was glad they didn't invade my privacy at 6 in the morning or earlier. The other portion of this was recycling and I knew it was a private company and they were difficult, not coming when they were suppose to and picking up half the street and not the other. That changed sometime ago and it is now city worker who do the recycling and since then I have not had a problem. I also know that the public works, excuse me, the 'office of operations', suffer regularly when it come s to layoffs in the city work force and this redistribution of workers did a really good thing (I hate the thought of people getting laid off who have helped me in some way) in all ways concerned.

18 December, 2008

Mill River Greenway

Just got my newist request for donation in the mail, from the friggin' people who are goin to redo the Mill River Park! Now I do not feel that it is a bad thing to redo the park, however there were a few surprises.
1) 40% of the cost WILL BE TAXPAYER MONEY!
2) Since they are soliciting donations, that means they DON'T have the other 60%!
3) Their proposed start has been delayed because one of the contractors who bid is challanging the who was rewarded the contract.

Okay, I actually like the park, hate the dam and would love to see a real walk/bike way along side the river. This of course should be conected to the northern extention so we could actually do some real biking in the area. I have absolutely no opinion on the trees. To me they are beautiful in the spring and wouldn't know a diseased tree from a healthy; an old tree from a young one.

On the other hand, I don't thnk the economy warrents spending money for these kind of improvewments right now. Do you think we could wait a year or two?

17 December, 2008

Did you know?

Writing with out knowing you are being read is a drag, but I promised msyelf to do it" just in case" some one one day shows an interest.
Today's Topic - The sewage treatment plant is close to earning a Million dollars in nitrogen credits this year - what is going to happen with that money? Will it reduce our "Water use tax"?
I hate the way the treatment plant set itself up, but it really is no different than the water co., which many municipalities run themselves also (not in CT) and we all allowed it in a charter change a few years ago.

15 December, 2008

illegals and housing

Saw today that the Day workers got a party. Now before igot any further being and Day worker does NOT make you an illegal. I saw enough on the blogs to know that hte general flavor among the blogger's in Stamford at least is fairly positive. They fill a nitch that no one will fill an there are a lot of immigrants for a lot of countries. Now to the point, everyone knows rents are outrageos and so to save money housing is really full. I mean there are 3 maybe 4 gfuys to a room, or a whole family to a room. Then there are the housing ordinances, which specify how much space a person needs in a room. Who is there to enforce these ordinances? There was a task force that was composed of health, fire, police and social workers, but I think that is cut out because of budget cuts. How many times have you seen cutains in a cellar (one with no access 'cept through the house)? Or actually seen people living in one? I have countless times. I just think, a fire in the house would kill them, but to provide enforcement of these ordinaces, we need to have a budget that will support overtime and that means I have to pay more taxes, which basically support the quality of life of these lower income people. I am in a quandry.

14 December, 2008

Residency reward

I followed in the Advocate that new recruits for the police will be given points for residency? I realize that the majority of the city workers are residents and always thought that was a good thing and thought that the 'old guard' police who were Stamford residents were excellent. I can't find the info in the archive now. Was I seeing things?

13 December, 2008

Your choice

Citizen's services? How many people have used the citizen services Department/complaint registration?
I have used the website and had a mixed bag. 1) the website doesn't seem to have all the choices I think I need and sometimes I do not know the department that is in charge. Barrin' that, I have had excellent results filling nasty pot holes and removing debris and abandoned cars. Anyone else?

12 December, 2008

Is this how it should be done?

Gotta scoop that the Building department is reviewing new regs on PRIVATE swimming pools. Yes we know that the great cumbersome health department tries to regulate all pubic pools (clubs, health clubs, condo's, hotels and hospitals), but it appears that the Building department is looking to raise money by implementing the exact same regs for Private pools. We know there are the traditional regs on construction, but this seems to be more emcompassing and they aren't going to let anyone know about it unti pool season opens Of cource, I do not know all tyhe details , but I'll bet the mayor's office will have its hands full next summer.

11 December, 2008


How many Restaurants can Stamford support? I mean we have many and more are closing all the time and everyone wants to put in another restaurant? Stamford Talk set something up about Sabatello's, but I am going to agree with the dissenter, why a restaurant? Why not try to make the area a bit more boutique like? I like cool shops and the place isn't that big, even with the upstairs. Anyway I am just mouthing off, which may be the tne of this blog.