28 May, 2009

What is wrong with that man?

Tarzia, again! I am really on a rant with him. The funny thing is that a lot of people I talk to are having the same problem.
Today the Advocate had an article where he approves 2 of the unions' concessions, but not the other 6, except all the "give back" were identical!
The man does have a loose screw cause he will not be saving any money.
One comment I heard talked about how he has a conflict of interest in the whole thing because he is a teacher! Well, the teachers will loose people, but HE will get a 3% raise in July.
The children will suffer, under his malevolent guidance.
He is not helping save money at all. He goes after workers, but doesn't touch projects which spend millions (in this case I am talkin' about the waste to energy proposal that was removed because some sensible people stood up to it).
When are we going to get rid of this guy?

23 May, 2009

Days without pay

The State of CT and Stamford have taken two very different approaches to handling "furlow" days. The state has certain days that everything will be closed. This last Friday was one, the day after Thanksgiving will be another and I believe the day after Christmas, but I'm not sure about that one. No business will be conducted. State use of cars have been eliminated. I believe the State Health Commissioner gave up his car some months back. Everyone is pitching in to save money.
Stamford will not be closed except for its "normal" Holidays. Furlows can be taken as days or hours and are handled as vacation time, except that the emplyee won't be paid for the time. Only the workers and direct supervisors are affected. Part-time, seasonal, and Appointed staff ,you know the ones with really big salaries, are not affected.
In this case I guess Stamford is the Town that works. Any thoughts?

19 May, 2009

Double Standards

Here in the city that's not workin' for us, things have gotten nastier. The board of Finance and Tarzia particularly have approved additional money so that only 13 police will be laid off and still get their raises. I realize that the police are pretty much a bunch of spoiled brats and that the only one who ever took them on was Eposito, who I did NOT like, nor the way he did it), but what is good for one is good for all. The police are not special! Hold that thought, may be they are "special", but what is good for one municipal employee, is good for all. Many times I see the police dragging a social worker with them when they deal with difficult people.
But the BOF, in its infinite wisdom has said that they have a grudge against everyone Else who works for the city. Wait a minute, hold the presses, doesn't Tarzia work for the BOD? The one who is laying off TEACHERS, so everyone else can get a raise? Something is rotten in Stamford.
Tou knew this post was coming, all you lurkers!
Only one person dares to say they are linked to me!

14 May, 2009

UAW votes in Stamford

As evry' one knows, I have been very much against what I saw the Board of Finance do to the regular city employees at the budget hearings. the more I hear, the worse it gets.
So last night there was a meeting, the UAW voted to take proposal one to the mayor.
This means that there will be 8.25 furlough days without pay and have no layoffs. The 3% increase exists, but is eliminated by the furlough days.
The kicker to me is that it now comes our that only regular, full-time city employees were targeted. There is no change for part-timers, retirees who came back, appointees or the like. The Mayor's cabinet enjoys a 12% pay increase for the year before (everyone else got 3%).
There is some thing wrong with this man Tarzia.

04 May, 2009

2 Issues tonight

The first comes from me third hand, so it is far from verified. Someone I know told me that someone he knows went by the waste-to-energy site today and it was shut down, no longer in operation.
Considering the opposition to the project, I do not doubt this. Any one else know?
The other is that we know the MAA union has agreed to give backs, 7 days of days off without pay. Considering the pay scale, that should not be a problem, next year they still have the 3% increase plus what ever they negotiate for this coming year. Any other unions in the works? I heard the police and fire had a 3% pay hike. How does that work and then they layoff teachers. Couldn't they layoff one assistant to the assistant vice principal at $100,000?
Do not understand this town.
Great new artificial turf covered fields and no teachers????