28 September, 2009


I went to the meeting for the residents near the dump and I as fascinated.
The residents who seemed to be most effected by the stuff found seemed more calm with the action that will be taken than many who seemed to be a distance off. I overheard someone say: "well if they can get a free test, i have a right to it also!" That person didn't live anywhere near the area. Another boasted in a open session for residents that he would get results for his entire street, also some distance from the dump in 5 days. He was asked to share those results. I haven't seen anything in the newspaper concerning his actions. Maybe he was just a lot of hot air. Of course he was in the Advocate again today, but there was nothing about those tests, again.
Hysteria is a great word, but right now I would say there is more selfish "Me" going on than hysteria. I am sure some one will also grip that the city is spending money on over time to test, of course the featured worker in the paper didn't help matters by saying "its overtime", meaning of course money in their pocket. I wonder if that person lives in Stamford?

08 September, 2009

The birds come home to roost

Or maybe the S... hits the fan is likely.
Of course, no one from Stamford reads me and Frankly i don't give a D...
The problem, much in the news is Scofieldtown Park or Dump or what ever you want to call it.
My source tells me there was a report in 1975, I believe the mayor was Mr. Claps, a republican.
Another report in the late 80's, Mr. Serrani, a democrat was mayor.
I am told there was another report in the late 90's, Mr Esposito, was republican.
Now it is 2009 and there is Mr. Malloy, a democrat and everything hit the fan.
The issue was known and over looked for a long time, it was buried just like those waste drums at Scofieldtown dump and hoped that it would never see the light of day.
Is the insecticide found in the wells from the dump, I hear there is some question about that, but does it matter?
The residents are rightfully up in arms and action needs to be taken.