16 March, 2010

The "New" buisness model - inaccessibility

Inaccessibility is the new motto of mayor mike.
You can not go and see the mayor any more.
The public is not going to see him as he lets them sit outside on the 10th floor and wait.
City personnel must be "buzzed" in.
I think some one got things mixed up!

14 March, 2010

Parade & Circuses

I know it's suppose to be bread and circuses, but with the St Patty's day parade going on in the rain with all the police and fire people getting over time and the inclement weather,I think it is appropriate.
Of course my power went down and I had to return to this post.
Dropping 119 positions and then having a parade does not seem to be in keeping with the idea of fiscal responsibility.
Now of course we have a weather related disaster on our hands and more OT must be paid, what is a mayor (or Joe Tarzia) to do?
It looks like politics as usual to me!

11 March, 2010


Since the 119 positions were cut from the budget and to be fair only 49 were filled full-time positions and many of the rest were unfilled position, there has been a feeling of gloom among employees at the government center.
Worse, there are now rumors (total unsubstantiated) that there will be more layoffs in April.
This is probably because most of the cutting that occurs has been traditionally done by the board of finance and their review of the budget occurs in April.
Since it is my opinion hat Joe Tarzia is behind most of this, I do not see this as an issue.
What I do think is an issue is anyone wanting services from the city show not expect much.
As morale is low, I doubt that service for complaints will be very pleasant.
As for projects, I say good luck.
One interesting note, the Democratic canidate for the last election was at the Scofield meeting the other night and was not very understanding of a new interim Health Director just getting their feet wet. Shame on you David Martin, you are still campaigning!
I will definitely go "green" next election.

09 March, 2010

So is it Joe or Mike running the show?

With 119 positions eliminated one might wonder. mayor Mike said he wanted a better business like atmosphere and Joe Tarzia said the budget constraints and that idea were incompatible.
I am sure with the power of the Board of finance, there would have been this number of positions lost no matter what administration was in office.
And if things hold true, if a Democrat had submitted a budget with those positions still intact even more would have been lost, Joe Tarzia has a reputation for vindictiveness.
So who is running the show? I think the answer is in the power of the board of finance.