10 June, 2010

City meeting

I went to a meeting last night.
I was free and I've wanted to see the dynamics played out between the city of some of the north Stamford residents.
This wasn't a pretty meeting, it was full of distrust and accusations and very adversarial and it really appeared to be part of David Martin's political campaign.


He has been rude an obnoxious to the interim health director, Ann Fountain, saying she hasn't done anything. Not that she hasn't done enough, but that she hasn't done anything.
Sadly, a political lie.
Maybe because she is a woman and I am also, but he was unnecessarily nasty and someone needs to put him in his place.
There were lots of overtones of "we don't trust the city", some outright and many times inferred, but it makes little sense, since by many of their own admissions, they won't share their results.
That just doesn't make sense. They are hiding information and it's the city who can't be trusted?
I do not know, but I do know, I will not go to any of these meetings again.
They really disgust me.

08 June, 2010

perspectives on Stamford

It has been a very long time since I posted anything.
I have moved out of Stamford, but i still follow the things going on and visit once in a while.
Stamford is a strange little town, that calls itself a city and that is probably its biggest problem, it is not a city, it is a town.
I have been listening to all the activity concerning the Scofield situation and have reached a conclusion.
I'm not an environmentally aware person, so I get lost in that part of the debate, but I think the debate is more economic than anything any way.
The big problem is that the people who live "North of the parkway" have homes that are valued very high.
Instead of taxation with out representation, their cry is taxation without services!
And that is what the source of all the issues are, they want some city service for all the taxes that they pay and water is a really good start.
This has been the cry of the "North of the parkway" people for some time, but they think they have more clout now.
This is the problem with this little town that supports all the big corporations on the homeowners tax dollar.
Change that and things might be different, but for now they have a rallying cry!
"It's the city's fault!"