17 October, 2009


Stamford's politics have always confused me. The Democrats seem more like Republicans and visa a versa.
Reading the literature, Martin seems like a "lets get the corporations into Stamford Now " kind of a guy. Pavia seems to be "lets get quality of living back into town".
The Green party sounds like he wants us all to be on bicycles.

it is very surreal.

03 October, 2009

Why Mike, Why?

I have know of Mike Pavia for a long time, as a matter of fact everyone in Stamford know s the Pavia family in some way, I think.
I was going to vote for him, but now I am not sure.
Martin , to me, represents the status quo as far as corporations and big business running Stamford. I do not believe the downtown special services whatever has done Stamford right. It has been great for everyone who works downtown (mostly out of town and out of state people) and has helped some businesses, while shooting many, not in the foot, but the head.
Then Mike does his thing on the Scofieldtown area, getting a consultant (for free, yes) to say that the carbon filter are a short term solution and that Aquarion water should be pumped over land immeditely.
First, I am sad that he politicized a bad situation and his recommendations do nothing to help the situation.
I do not know much about the technical things, but I think I saw that the filters were okay for a short term solution.
What AM I MISSING? That was the whole point of the filters, temporary until the water could be brought in, in the SPRING of next year!
The overland water thing seems to be missing a key fact, it gets cold in Stamford in teh Winter, pipes freeze. I think the frost line is something like 3 feet AND ABOVE GROUND WATER PIPES WON'T FREEZE?
As I said, I am very sad that he went this way. I will NOT be voting for Mike. He showed very bad judgement and we have had enough of that in Stamford.

28 September, 2009


I went to the meeting for the residents near the dump and I as fascinated.
The residents who seemed to be most effected by the stuff found seemed more calm with the action that will be taken than many who seemed to be a distance off. I overheard someone say: "well if they can get a free test, i have a right to it also!" That person didn't live anywhere near the area. Another boasted in a open session for residents that he would get results for his entire street, also some distance from the dump in 5 days. He was asked to share those results. I haven't seen anything in the newspaper concerning his actions. Maybe he was just a lot of hot air. Of course he was in the Advocate again today, but there was nothing about those tests, again.
Hysteria is a great word, but right now I would say there is more selfish "Me" going on than hysteria. I am sure some one will also grip that the city is spending money on over time to test, of course the featured worker in the paper didn't help matters by saying "its overtime", meaning of course money in their pocket. I wonder if that person lives in Stamford?

08 September, 2009

The birds come home to roost

Or maybe the S... hits the fan is likely.
Of course, no one from Stamford reads me and Frankly i don't give a D...
The problem, much in the news is Scofieldtown Park or Dump or what ever you want to call it.
My source tells me there was a report in 1975, I believe the mayor was Mr. Claps, a republican.
Another report in the late 80's, Mr. Serrani, a democrat was mayor.
I am told there was another report in the late 90's, Mr Esposito, was republican.
Now it is 2009 and there is Mr. Malloy, a democrat and everything hit the fan.
The issue was known and over looked for a long time, it was buried just like those waste drums at Scofieldtown dump and hoped that it would never see the light of day.
Is the insecticide found in the wells from the dump, I hear there is some question about that, but does it matter?
The residents are rightfully up in arms and action needs to be taken.

31 August, 2009


Stamford is falling apart.
Scofield area wells are all contaminate (not true, but that's the hype, some are).
The police Station is falling down (okay partially true).
The technical school is closed (now that is true)!
The list goes on, but between the republican watchdog (???) Tarzia and the Democrat Mayor, Malloy, life is confusing.
On the one hand the Finance board keeps workers at a minimum and tries to keep wages down and so we have fewer city services.
One the other we have money spent on well meaning, but not essential projects like the Mill River Park and rubberizing all the ball fields in Stamford.
I think it is a mess.
I watched the Topix on the Scofield thing and realized it is much easier to blame "government" than to take any responsibility yourself.
What if Homeowners misused the chemicals for termite control? It is far easier to blame the city dump than to say, oops.
The Ct governor closing Wright tech is just plain mean, it only hurt the kids who actually want to do something with their lives.
The Mill River and the parks are just stupid, but I have said it all before.

09 August, 2009

Acting like children

What do I know? Probably nothing, this post might get me in trouble, if I had a following.
Some one will probably tell some one and I'll get pulled over for a broken tail light or something.
So here it goes.
Advocate headlines - Lyme disease, dead birds, mites and ticks.
These are things that EVERY Stamford resident deals with, most of the year.
The Connecticut Agricultural Station has reported mosquitoes positive for West Nile Virus in Greenwich. They have said to expect to see dead birds due to West Nile, especially Starlings and crows.
Ticks and Lyme disease have been issues in Stamford since, I don't know when, a long time, since it was discovered, I think.
Birds and bird mites have also been big issues, okay I don't know, I'm guessing, but birds carry mites, right?
So what's the big deal with the police?
They are complaining about the same things we residents deal with every day.
What they want is a new building.
That's right, a new building.
I was till I found out that the new looking building was only a face lift, like putting silicone in a sagging chin. No real change, but it looks better.
What should have happened instead of lining all the soccer fields with Astro Turf was to use one of the properties the city owns and build a new police station.
But no, Astro turf was more important.
The Mill River project was more important than an old building.
I even remember reading that they can't use water fountains in the building because of lead.
Now to the children. Instead of making the case rationally to all of us that they need a new building, they act like 2 year olds and distract every one from the real issue by acting like they are some how mistreated because they get Lyme disease or have dead birds around their main building.
Will anyone ever learn?

26 July, 2009

The discovery of complaint

I complained about something, a door to Il Falco constantly being left open. Some one got the message, finally after many years,it is closed.

I see "Precious" still is not open. I guess the clean-up needed was severe.

This name really gets to me. It means something totally different in my language and I would not eat from one so named.

So much for my Sunday outing

23 July, 2009

More Rumors

I heard some disturbing rumors concerning Mike Pavia's run for mayor.
The item I heard was that if he is elected he will put Joe Tarzia running the office of operatios.
Now every one knows I do not like Tarzia for his very arrogant way of doing things mostly. I do not think he saves us tax payers any money, but then I hear from city employees because he usually bullies them. That upsets me even more.
Say it ain't so Mike!

22 July, 2009

Who is Martin?

I know I don't know much about Stamford politics, but at least I have heard of and even like Mike Pavia. So who is this Martin? What has he done? And why should i consider voting for him?

18 July, 2009

Stamford Leaders show promise

Despite the antics by the board of finance, Mayor Malloy and his cabinet are showing that they will put themselves in the same position as the rest of the unionized employees - they will take furlough days and pay cuts. To me this is an unprecedented stand with those who make less and are being forced to suffer because of one mans unreasonableness. The article was printed in the Advocate on Friday.
At least one man has some sense of compassion!

11 July, 2009

New Recycling to begin i Stamford!

Wait DO NOT throw out that coffee cup!
Do not throw out the empty cereal box, that CD wrapper?
It all goes into the new Stamford Recycling program!
That is the new message about recycling, everything that is paper or plastic, wash it and recycle it!
New bins that are on rollers to accommodate the new amount of recycling material.
Ben Barnes (yes, I know, not my favorite person either) found a new company that will take virtually everything.
He hopes that we can get a 20% increase in recycling and break even. More than that will be used appropriately (maybe to reduce taxes? I think not).
Sounds good to me!

05 July, 2009

Walking Around Stamford

Yesterday and Today I was "Out and about" downtown Stamford.
I actually met Joey K doing something similar, of course he looked tired, but well. It was his exercise thing.
Last time I saw him was in February at the Ferguson Library, he looked better and his spirits seemed up, but this is not why I am writing.
Stamford may have come a long way, but it has far to go. On this major holiday, Saturday, the Fourth of July, Target was open and people were going in and out. there were people in most of the open restaurants downtown. There were not a lot of people, but there were enough to make it seem okay.
How do I say this politely? Stamford is still a sleepy little town, with precious little activity downtown. Cove was busy, but downtown was quiet!
There was no activity to speak of either day except really the shoppers coming in and out of Target and the Burlington and the Mall.
The delis which service the crowds of people who work, but do not live in Stamford, were all closed.
This is a contrast to the night time on Thursday through Saturday, when the bars and clubs are open and it is some contrast!
Since I have come here some 20 or more years ago, Stamford has changed, but not that much on the weekends.
There really is very little to attract people downtown except the restaurants during the late afternoon to early evening, no events, no music, no art. This is sad.

24 June, 2009

Good bye Uncle Dias, hello precious

Yes the very dirty Uncle Dias is gone and soon to open is a Malasian/Inndonesian cusine, but first they clean up the place!
Early July is the opening schedule.

04 June, 2009

Scofieldtown Dump Scoop?

According to a source, one of the reasons there is leeching of the toxin, PCB, is that the cap placed over the old dump site was "violated" many times by past public works personnel.
The statement was "the cap was broken many times by certain people who no longer work for the city." I wonder if this is true and what recourse since this problem is appearing in more issues of the Advocate and seems to have sparked some controversy?

01 June, 2009

Afordable Housing, Stamford

Well, while prices are plummeting around town, even in the luxury condos, there may be a bright spot.
What bright spot? How about a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home from under $300,000 ?
They exist! In the near downtown area!
While some of the neighborhoods are fairly run down, this one still holds its own very nicely!
Maybe there is a silver lining after all.

28 May, 2009

What is wrong with that man?

Tarzia, again! I am really on a rant with him. The funny thing is that a lot of people I talk to are having the same problem.
Today the Advocate had an article where he approves 2 of the unions' concessions, but not the other 6, except all the "give back" were identical!
The man does have a loose screw cause he will not be saving any money.
One comment I heard talked about how he has a conflict of interest in the whole thing because he is a teacher! Well, the teachers will loose people, but HE will get a 3% raise in July.
The children will suffer, under his malevolent guidance.
He is not helping save money at all. He goes after workers, but doesn't touch projects which spend millions (in this case I am talkin' about the waste to energy proposal that was removed because some sensible people stood up to it).
When are we going to get rid of this guy?

23 May, 2009

Days without pay

The State of CT and Stamford have taken two very different approaches to handling "furlow" days. The state has certain days that everything will be closed. This last Friday was one, the day after Thanksgiving will be another and I believe the day after Christmas, but I'm not sure about that one. No business will be conducted. State use of cars have been eliminated. I believe the State Health Commissioner gave up his car some months back. Everyone is pitching in to save money.
Stamford will not be closed except for its "normal" Holidays. Furlows can be taken as days or hours and are handled as vacation time, except that the emplyee won't be paid for the time. Only the workers and direct supervisors are affected. Part-time, seasonal, and Appointed staff ,you know the ones with really big salaries, are not affected.
In this case I guess Stamford is the Town that works. Any thoughts?

19 May, 2009

Double Standards

Here in the city that's not workin' for us, things have gotten nastier. The board of Finance and Tarzia particularly have approved additional money so that only 13 police will be laid off and still get their raises. I realize that the police are pretty much a bunch of spoiled brats and that the only one who ever took them on was Eposito, who I did NOT like, nor the way he did it), but what is good for one is good for all. The police are not special! Hold that thought, may be they are "special", but what is good for one municipal employee, is good for all. Many times I see the police dragging a social worker with them when they deal with difficult people.
But the BOF, in its infinite wisdom has said that they have a grudge against everyone Else who works for the city. Wait a minute, hold the presses, doesn't Tarzia work for the BOD? The one who is laying off TEACHERS, so everyone else can get a raise? Something is rotten in Stamford.
Tou knew this post was coming, all you lurkers!
Only one person dares to say they are linked to me!

14 May, 2009

UAW votes in Stamford

As evry' one knows, I have been very much against what I saw the Board of Finance do to the regular city employees at the budget hearings. the more I hear, the worse it gets.
So last night there was a meeting, the UAW voted to take proposal one to the mayor.
This means that there will be 8.25 furlough days without pay and have no layoffs. The 3% increase exists, but is eliminated by the furlough days.
The kicker to me is that it now comes our that only regular, full-time city employees were targeted. There is no change for part-timers, retirees who came back, appointees or the like. The Mayor's cabinet enjoys a 12% pay increase for the year before (everyone else got 3%).
There is some thing wrong with this man Tarzia.

04 May, 2009

2 Issues tonight

The first comes from me third hand, so it is far from verified. Someone I know told me that someone he knows went by the waste-to-energy site today and it was shut down, no longer in operation.
Considering the opposition to the project, I do not doubt this. Any one else know?
The other is that we know the MAA union has agreed to give backs, 7 days of days off without pay. Considering the pay scale, that should not be a problem, next year they still have the 3% increase plus what ever they negotiate for this coming year. Any other unions in the works? I heard the police and fire had a 3% pay hike. How does that work and then they layoff teachers. Couldn't they layoff one assistant to the assistant vice principal at $100,000?
Do not understand this town.
Great new artificial turf covered fields and no teachers????

22 April, 2009

Ben Barnes, The WPCA and the waste to energy project

Interesting Editorial on Ben Barnes, The WPCA and the waste to Energy Project today in the Stamford Advocate, It doesn't appear to be online, so I can't reference it for you, but I read it Today.
I have known Ben Barnes awhile and he is mostly a likable fellow, but the report was that he called the people against the WPCA waste to energy project a "lunatic Fringe".
Oops, I think he owes an apology to a lot of people.
Now the group the writer represents, I usually disagree with, but in this case i think they are right on.
I am not an expert in the field, as a matter of fact, I know almost nothing about the subject, but one of my friends who reads this does know a bit about it and he has told me that every attempt to make a project like this work, had failed. Since I know he has worked on something similar, I think he might have some knowledge.
My big deal with this is the amount of money they want us to pay for an experiment. Not at this time, not on my dime and not in this economy. They want to let employees suffer and have us pay for something unproven? I'll only say, forget it.

15 April, 2009

Mayor's meeting

Today, the mayor of Stamford met with the employees to talk about the budget.
The low down -
The mayor did not want this, disagreed with it and now has to deal with things that are handed to him.
His budget would have called for a zero % increase, except that the city is responsible for the current underfunding of the pension and that would have come fto a 1.41% increase.
The rest comes from the board of ed (and all those very high paid administrators!) italics are mine!
The board of finance cut the salary account, removing the negotiated extension of the current contract (3%) from that line. They also removed any step increases for newer employees.
Stamford Advocate said you have to make $70,000 per year to live here. I do not think one of these people in that room (the cafeteria) make that much).
The reason for this decision maybe found in a feud between the board of representatives and the board of finance. Apparently the Board of Finance does not have the right to refuse contract negotiations, only recommend or not a negotiated settlement. They did not recommend this extension of the contract, the board of representatives approved it, so they did what they had the power to do, cut the budget to get their way.
I still find the method disgusting, they don't talk to the Unions, they are 3 men who basically said to the board of representatives(I think in Stamford it is 12 people), forget you, we want it our way.
I find this petty at best.
I understand the mayor came across looking very good today.

13 April, 2009

Living on a prayer

That's right folks - the same peeps that brought you living on a prayer are slated to come to Stamford at the old Thirsty Turtle site.
No plans filed, but this time I think the rumors are HOT!

Good bye to all the wanna bees, you are all finished!

Bufflo Wild Wings, Bon Jovi, Mary Anns, I think Stamford just got well shaken!

10 April, 2009


A while ago I read from someone with some misplaced authority that work had stopped at the Trump tower. Of course with the economy, the rumors are back. 4 different sources told me
a) All work had stopped
b)Trump was bankrupt
c) He stopped work every where
d) he was being sued for stopping work in Mexico City.

All these wonderful sources were wrong.

I had a chance to be in my home city, the work was still happening.
I had a chance to see the cranes moving in New York
I see workmen going in and out everyday of the Stamford building.

I have no way of verifying if Trump is bankrupt or not, but with the others not being true, I doubt that one as well.

The source were from people who ought to know, but don't.
Rumors are just that, rumors.

07 April, 2009

Still Ranting

About Mr. Tarzia. I realized that one of the responders to this blog noted that the Mill River Greenway is going to take $20 Million and so Tarzia cuts $10 million without talking to unions ahead of time??? Supposedly this targeted an agreed upon 3% raise for July and any civil service step increases. And then MY taxes go up 3% anyway! Cut the stupid greenway money and then we don't have any increase!

05 April, 2009

Budget and Cuts

Front page of the Advocate this fine Sunday mornin' talks how the board of finance cut the 3% increase for raises scheduled in July. Yesterday, the school board was talkin' the same cuts and what it would mean.
Now as a tax payer, I don't want to pay any more either, especially in this strange economy.
Why do I call it strange?
Well there is money out there, but businesses are cutting positions and others are raising prices (like at the grocery store, you notice).
The economy appears to be coming back up except of course for jobs and then there are those millions that we are giving to AIG (MY Money!) for bonuses.
So the cost of surviving has gone up (food is survival as far as I am concerned), so I can understand Unions not wanting to negotiated again. Actually when the whole thing started, they did negotiate and agreed to extend the contract another year with out anything else (at least the UAW did). This would mean that any action the city would take to reduce that would be certainly lost in arbitration.
Actually I understand, Joe Tarzia, the master mind of much of this, ranted at a city office support person (not any one with authority) for 20 minutes cause people in a completely different department had not given him info he wanted fast enough, The man has a loose screw.
I do not believe strong arming people is never the answer. The mayor negotiated with the unions and did get a simple extension. That was in good faith. Trazia's thing, however well meaning for us Taxpayers, is not.

03 April, 2009

Budget Hearings

or is it Herrings? Well Ms. brown removed the controversial $20 million waste to energy proposal, said it needed more study time, I guess. I still can not find anywhere in this country that this has worked! And someone has told me that they have been working on this for 30 or more years!
There is still the issue of the pyro-glass at the end of the process that will need disposal and how much "Fuel" will this process actually make?
Other wise one entire department (3 people) in the public works or whatever it is called now was eliminated. Sorry for any one who loses a job in this economy.
They did cut a good amount, but we still get a tax increase, UGH!

28 March, 2009

Volunteer Fire Department

Okay, I read on a post some where, that i can't find, about the mayors thing about the volunteer fire department. Couldn't understand it, don't think I believed it. Well the budget show that they were cut from $600,000+ to $30,000. He is savin' money in a bad budget year, but it seems like he only wants paid people or an I missing something? Anyone?

24 February, 2009

Stamford Hospital

Okay, I am going to get excited! I got a scoop! Stamford Hospitals plans are to extend all the way to the Mill River Park, this from someone who has seen said plans!
ANyone else?

20 February, 2009

Swimming Pool Regulations

Boy , I'm good!!
I reported about the swimming pool regulations coming on 12/12/08, is this how it should be done? Today (1/20/2009!) the Stamford Advocate finally talked about residence getting the chance to speak about it. The big issue has to do with fines being levied against home owners who do not meet the new regs. The regs are more stringent than the State Regs and may result in fanes of up to $200 per day. The article is not available on line that I can find. 7:oo PM, Monday, March 2nd.

Other news, after years of fighting it, the Health Department will be publishing inspection scores, similar to the way Farmington and Norwalk currently do. Bravo!

16 February, 2009

Malloy on FOX news

Yes, today and he did a good job of handling the commentator who was trying to get him to say all the money he was asking for was for one artificial field. Not always a fan, but when some one takes on FOX news and comes out on the high side, I will hand him a rose!

15 February, 2009

AIDS program

So the other days news was on the large cuts in the Federal and State budgets for the support network that exists for people with HIV and AIDS. The reality is that this program keep getting cut, almost every year. Those who work in the departments have made significant sacrifices every year to continue providing services and testing, intervention and prevention.
I think the saddest thing is I believe the cuts target this group of individuals because people believe that some how these people are responsible for contracting HIV and somehow deserve to get AIDS and so it is their fault and why should we support them.
In one sense they are right, there was behavior that allowed it to happen, but the other way of looking at it is that the rest of us where just plain lucky. AIDS is still not curable and is a long wasting disease that would tax resources no matter what.
The attempt at education and counseling and intervention is highly needed and this group of people is no different than any other that is targeted for discrimination.

31 January, 2009

As the pension fund turns!

On the 18th of this month, there was a rather inflammatory article in the Advocate on the city pension fund. It basically said that like everyone else, the pension fund lost millions in the current economic down turn. It then went on to say that IF the pension became underfunded (something that has not happen yet), the city and its taxpayers are obligated to put money into the fund by contract. Tarzia had lots to say as usual, but he never is the fiscal watchdog he claims he is or it would not have taken him more than six months to get his mouth working. The biggest culprit was the firefighters fund, which accounted for a third of the loss. The mayor stuck up for the rest of the classified employees fund saying the loss in that fund was not significant. What is going on here really???? Is this going to be the next contract fight? Or are firefighters going to be put under the microscope? Stay tuned for more fun(d) (pun intended) as we see what happens to the economy.

13 January, 2009

Beach Closure meeting

There is a beach closure meeting scheduled in Stamford on January 22, 2009. I do not have the agenda nor the location, but it appears to be a governmental meeting between the USEPA and the city with the state looking on. The Health Department has been invited, will Josh Polur, the sanitarian who does all the leg work on the beaches and Joe Kuntz, the lab person who has done mountains of research and has not only been instrumental in the setting the beach closure policy for the city, but also the state and influence the USGS and the USEPA on their current programs be there???? Stay tuned for more info.

09 January, 2009

Sewage Fuel

Okay, its been awhile and I have been sittin' on this post a bit. Stamford successfully managed to get a grant to turn dry sewage sludge into fuel, they have this guy workin' on a pilot plant daily, it seems to work. The sad news is CT statues will not let us use it! I guess they are afraid of recycling poo. It has to be sold somewhere significantly out of state (not New york or New Jersey or Massachucetts. New York makes a very high quality sludge fuel and saddly ours doesn'y quite measure up. This of course means that we will need to have pay someone to take it off of our hands and use it or bury it. What a waste!

05 January, 2009

Snow removal

I have a few minutes before going to work and I thought about snow removal.
Why back when Stan Esposito was mayor, Mike Pavia was running the office of pubic works. There was a big fight between him and the highways person (who I can't remember the name) over the policy of clear plowing the roads. The actual issue was whether to use just plow and salt or to use plow, sand and salt. One would clear the roads to black pavement (and possibly black ice), the other would give more traction, but would leave the roads 'unkempt' looking. There was a cost concern - sand was cheaper, but resulted in needing to clean out storm drains after the winter more often. I bring this up, because it looks like both sides lost. I do not see sand on city streets, but neither are they plowed to perfection and heavily salted. I realize there is also a temperature consideration in all of this, but I do not know it and if the really low temperatures are to blame or if cost saving is to blame.