26 July, 2009

The discovery of complaint

I complained about something, a door to Il Falco constantly being left open. Some one got the message, finally after many years,it is closed.

I see "Precious" still is not open. I guess the clean-up needed was severe.

This name really gets to me. It means something totally different in my language and I would not eat from one so named.

So much for my Sunday outing

23 July, 2009

More Rumors

I heard some disturbing rumors concerning Mike Pavia's run for mayor.
The item I heard was that if he is elected he will put Joe Tarzia running the office of operatios.
Now every one knows I do not like Tarzia for his very arrogant way of doing things mostly. I do not think he saves us tax payers any money, but then I hear from city employees because he usually bullies them. That upsets me even more.
Say it ain't so Mike!

22 July, 2009

Who is Martin?

I know I don't know much about Stamford politics, but at least I have heard of and even like Mike Pavia. So who is this Martin? What has he done? And why should i consider voting for him?

18 July, 2009

Stamford Leaders show promise

Despite the antics by the board of finance, Mayor Malloy and his cabinet are showing that they will put themselves in the same position as the rest of the unionized employees - they will take furlough days and pay cuts. To me this is an unprecedented stand with those who make less and are being forced to suffer because of one mans unreasonableness. The article was printed in the Advocate on Friday.
At least one man has some sense of compassion!

11 July, 2009

New Recycling to begin i Stamford!

Wait DO NOT throw out that coffee cup!
Do not throw out the empty cereal box, that CD wrapper?
It all goes into the new Stamford Recycling program!
That is the new message about recycling, everything that is paper or plastic, wash it and recycle it!
New bins that are on rollers to accommodate the new amount of recycling material.
Ben Barnes (yes, I know, not my favorite person either) found a new company that will take virtually everything.
He hopes that we can get a 20% increase in recycling and break even. More than that will be used appropriately (maybe to reduce taxes? I think not).
Sounds good to me!

05 July, 2009

Walking Around Stamford

Yesterday and Today I was "Out and about" downtown Stamford.
I actually met Joey K doing something similar, of course he looked tired, but well. It was his exercise thing.
Last time I saw him was in February at the Ferguson Library, he looked better and his spirits seemed up, but this is not why I am writing.
Stamford may have come a long way, but it has far to go. On this major holiday, Saturday, the Fourth of July, Target was open and people were going in and out. there were people in most of the open restaurants downtown. There were not a lot of people, but there were enough to make it seem okay.
How do I say this politely? Stamford is still a sleepy little town, with precious little activity downtown. Cove was busy, but downtown was quiet!
There was no activity to speak of either day except really the shoppers coming in and out of Target and the Burlington and the Mall.
The delis which service the crowds of people who work, but do not live in Stamford, were all closed.
This is a contrast to the night time on Thursday through Saturday, when the bars and clubs are open and it is some contrast!
Since I have come here some 20 or more years ago, Stamford has changed, but not that much on the weekends.
There really is very little to attract people downtown except the restaurants during the late afternoon to early evening, no events, no music, no art. This is sad.