20 February, 2009

Swimming Pool Regulations

Boy , I'm good!!
I reported about the swimming pool regulations coming on 12/12/08, is this how it should be done? Today (1/20/2009!) the Stamford Advocate finally talked about residence getting the chance to speak about it. The big issue has to do with fines being levied against home owners who do not meet the new regs. The regs are more stringent than the State Regs and may result in fanes of up to $200 per day. The article is not available on line that I can find. 7:oo PM, Monday, March 2nd.

Other news, after years of fighting it, the Health Department will be publishing inspection scores, similar to the way Farmington and Norwalk currently do. Bravo!

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  1. Hey ,"Stamford?", you really are good! Did you know that it is primarily Building Department and not Health (as it has been in the past)?