28 March, 2009

Volunteer Fire Department

Okay, I read on a post some where, that i can't find, about the mayors thing about the volunteer fire department. Couldn't understand it, don't think I believed it. Well the budget show that they were cut from $600,000+ to $30,000. He is savin' money in a bad budget year, but it seems like he only wants paid people or an I missing something? Anyone?


  1. Paula the link is "Why do politicians lie" Post May 19,2008 before my grand adventure. The link is:
    I do not know what the big deal is about the volunteer fire people, as far I can see, it must be personal, like Stan Esposito's thing with the police. The Volunteer fire department is not organized like the police are or the schools are and obviously do not have much political support. thee has been no outcry, so this is going to happen.

  2. http://www.fireengineering.com/news/newsArticleDisplay.html?id=175779

  3. Thank you 06903 for the info. While it does say that the issue is consolidation, there certainly seems to be more to it than jsut that....Power?

  4. They have to pay paid FF expensive overtime to cover the volunteer stations when they don't have enough coverage.

    I don't know why the public isn't behind the consolodation. Why the oposition to a organized fire command? The Vollie cheifs are worried about loosing their autonomy. Who are they the X-Men, why do they need autonomy? Why not a single, organized, evenly funded city wide department accountable to the public.

  5. I do not think it is the consolidation that i have problems with, it is the way things are happening seem heavy-handed. Of course I have not been in the negotiations, so I do not know what kind of fire is going on. It does remind me of Stan Esposito's stand-off with the police and I did not agree with the police position either, then, but things seemed to be fairly authoritarian.