11 July, 2009

New Recycling to begin i Stamford!

Wait DO NOT throw out that coffee cup!
Do not throw out the empty cereal box, that CD wrapper?
It all goes into the new Stamford Recycling program!
That is the new message about recycling, everything that is paper or plastic, wash it and recycle it!
New bins that are on rollers to accommodate the new amount of recycling material.
Ben Barnes (yes, I know, not my favorite person either) found a new company that will take virtually everything.
He hopes that we can get a 20% increase in recycling and break even. More than that will be used appropriately (maybe to reduce taxes? I think not).
Sounds good to me!


  1. I have been wanting this some time, now I hope I can get my compost working better also.

  2. I love the new program. My recycling output has increased twofold.

  3. The only thing I am NOT happy with is that I cannot recycle used piza boxes! i go through a lot of those.