03 October, 2009

Why Mike, Why?

I have know of Mike Pavia for a long time, as a matter of fact everyone in Stamford know s the Pavia family in some way, I think.
I was going to vote for him, but now I am not sure.
Martin , to me, represents the status quo as far as corporations and big business running Stamford. I do not believe the downtown special services whatever has done Stamford right. It has been great for everyone who works downtown (mostly out of town and out of state people) and has helped some businesses, while shooting many, not in the foot, but the head.
Then Mike does his thing on the Scofieldtown area, getting a consultant (for free, yes) to say that the carbon filter are a short term solution and that Aquarion water should be pumped over land immeditely.
First, I am sad that he politicized a bad situation and his recommendations do nothing to help the situation.
I do not know much about the technical things, but I think I saw that the filters were okay for a short term solution.
What AM I MISSING? That was the whole point of the filters, temporary until the water could be brought in, in the SPRING of next year!
The overland water thing seems to be missing a key fact, it gets cold in Stamford in teh Winter, pipes freeze. I think the frost line is something like 3 feet AND ABOVE GROUND WATER PIPES WON'T FREEZE?
As I said, I am very sad that he went this way. I will NOT be voting for Mike. He showed very bad judgement and we have had enough of that in Stamford.

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