11 March, 2010


Since the 119 positions were cut from the budget and to be fair only 49 were filled full-time positions and many of the rest were unfilled position, there has been a feeling of gloom among employees at the government center.
Worse, there are now rumors (total unsubstantiated) that there will be more layoffs in April.
This is probably because most of the cutting that occurs has been traditionally done by the board of finance and their review of the budget occurs in April.
Since it is my opinion hat Joe Tarzia is behind most of this, I do not see this as an issue.
What I do think is an issue is anyone wanting services from the city show not expect much.
As morale is low, I doubt that service for complaints will be very pleasant.
As for projects, I say good luck.
One interesting note, the Democratic canidate for the last election was at the Scofield meeting the other night and was not very understanding of a new interim Health Director just getting their feet wet. Shame on you David Martin, you are still campaigning!
I will definitely go "green" next election.

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