01 April, 2010

Figure head or head of governement?

Well, the Pavia administration is entering its fifth month and there is no question who is running the show...
between Joe Tarzia and his obvious "get even" tactics on everyone he doesn't like (read the library especially) and Director of Administration Frederick Flynn and his "this town needs to be run like a business" attitude the citizens of Stamford face the following:
A new fenced in unfinished area in the downtown area - I of course talk of the ill fated Mill river park restorations which is now added to a list of empty and unusable areas in downtown Stamford.
Loss of library time or personnel, what is wrong with these people, why throw punches at a library? maybe they weren't allowed to check out books as a youngster?
The engineering department gutted - the ones who make sure that the roads are paved and that sort of thing.
The Health Department losing personnel? They can't keep up with restaurant inspections as it is! i guess there will be a lot more trips to the hospital for food poisoning!
The schools now are on the chopping block and that looks like another one of those grudge matches.
Can I throw in the do nothing attitude now concerning the Scofieldtown area?
Or the further lack of protection for tenants in the city with the gutting of the social services department?
Or still more gutting of the Operations department?

What is next?

Another raise for the mayor?

This is not a city that is working, it is old time politics at its worse!

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