21 February, 2010

politics as usual

Politics is the name of the game and Pavia plays it well, as a non player, but what does it mean?

The 10% and 5% budget cut requests where a just in case, but scared a lot of employees.
He assures us that it is a last resort, but who does run things?

he has made good choices (Ernie) and questionable ones (His campaign director?)and then there are actions that appear to be no action on his part (The health director).
He stopped capital projects (especially the Mill River one) and said let's wait and see what is really going on.

I actually think He has done some smart things in all of this, but we will see.

Now as the scofieldtown thing bumbles along, we will see how those people react. it sure does seem that only want one answer and it means that I have to pay fir it!

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