02 February, 2010

Stamford Politics

I've been away a long time and Stamford's political scene has changed or has it?
We have a new mayor, Mike Pavia. He has done a few shake ups, but it may be that the real power behind the scenes is now Joe Tarzia, who has been shaking up a number of departments.
A memo from the mayor has building and zoning departments increasing their hours to accommodate the public. Accommodate the public? What a novel idea!
What till they find out the Health Department is available only 3 days a week in the morning.
I also understand that Joe threatened the Health Director if he didn't start doing something about the Scofieldtowm situation. And they did do something, they had ther DEP come down and declare it was a private property owners problem and the city didn't have to be involved.
Mean time the North Stamford residents have formed their own task force and it almost sounds like the beginning of their own government.
While I would not agree with what some of the more, how do i put this politely?, paranoid of the group believe that there is a great cover-up and conspiracy, I don't see it that way.
The reality of not wanting to take action or place it on the homeowners' shoulders isn't a cover up, it's disinterest!
Now when the lawsuits issues are settled, I predict that this administration will have put the city in a real financial hole, mostly because of disinterest.
It is too cold for me to come back at this time. I really need to go back where it is warm.
New restaurants by the dozens and i can't wait to try some of the new Indian food places; Tawa and one on Altlantic where the Italian restaurant used to be.
I see the Housing authority and Stamford Hospital are diving up the West side and there are new block the box laws with painted boxes.
Well time to get out and see what else is happening!

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  1. So you have been away?
    No wonder you have no pasts.
    Hope to see more of you.
    Which Indian are you going to first the Vegetarian one where Mona Lisa used to be or Tawa, where Oceans 211 was