13 April, 2009

Living on a prayer

That's right folks - the same peeps that brought you living on a prayer are slated to come to Stamford at the old Thirsty Turtle site.
No plans filed, but this time I think the rumors are HOT!

Good bye to all the wanna bees, you are all finished!

Bufflo Wild Wings, Bon Jovi, Mary Anns, I think Stamford just got well shaken!


  1. Okay, you got me on that one. I asked the person in the "know" at my place of business and he kind of confirmed it, but he has no plans yet. then I asked my source in the business and he told me Bon Jovi's brother bought the building!

  2. Well turns out the Bon Jovi thing is a sham. the same people who ran the Thirsty Turtle are just using the name (buying?) and have brought the plans to the HD showing no big deal. My original "in the Business" Source was in error!
    Also Barcelona does not look like it is going to be anything to be excited about and it is only about 40% complete.