22 April, 2009

Ben Barnes, The WPCA and the waste to energy project

Interesting Editorial on Ben Barnes, The WPCA and the waste to Energy Project today in the Stamford Advocate, It doesn't appear to be online, so I can't reference it for you, but I read it Today.
I have known Ben Barnes awhile and he is mostly a likable fellow, but the report was that he called the people against the WPCA waste to energy project a "lunatic Fringe".
Oops, I think he owes an apology to a lot of people.
Now the group the writer represents, I usually disagree with, but in this case i think they are right on.
I am not an expert in the field, as a matter of fact, I know almost nothing about the subject, but one of my friends who reads this does know a bit about it and he has told me that every attempt to make a project like this work, had failed. Since I know he has worked on something similar, I think he might have some knowledge.
My big deal with this is the amount of money they want us to pay for an experiment. Not at this time, not on my dime and not in this economy. They want to let employees suffer and have us pay for something unproven? I'll only say, forget it.

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  1. Paula, I think you got that info from me. I worked on a similar project 30 years ago and the company I did the analysis for falsified my data to get investors. I left the company to work for the city and kept the original data for 10 or so years, but it did not matter the company which was doing the project went belly up and nothing ever happened. I worry about how they are going to handle the glass-like sludge they make in this process. It has to be removed and it does muck up the process. By the way I've also left a comment on your Bon Jovi thing.