10 April, 2009


A while ago I read from someone with some misplaced authority that work had stopped at the Trump tower. Of course with the economy, the rumors are back. 4 different sources told me
a) All work had stopped
b)Trump was bankrupt
c) He stopped work every where
d) he was being sued for stopping work in Mexico City.

All these wonderful sources were wrong.

I had a chance to be in my home city, the work was still happening.
I had a chance to see the cranes moving in New York
I see workmen going in and out everyday of the Stamford building.

I have no way of verifying if Trump is bankrupt or not, but with the others not being true, I doubt that one as well.

The source were from people who ought to know, but don't.
Rumors are just that, rumors.


  1. There is truth to some of what you heard. The casino holding company bearing Trump's name is in bankruptcy.

    Trump has been sued for a failed project in Baja, Mexico. Go here for more details: http://josephaltschul.com/index.php/blog/viewpost/141

  2. Trump has been sued relating to the failed project in Baja, Mexico. See here: http://josephaltschul.com/index.php/blog/viewpost/141

    The holding company owning casinos bearing his name is in bankruptcy.

  3. There are some projects in White Plains that have come to a halt. Advanced sales were supposed to help finance the project, and those have completely dried up.

  4. Hmmmm...I think that this is the way to get correct info, post as rumors waht you've been told and what is really happening becomes clear.
    Thank you all for clearing up the info!