22 December, 2008


At first I thought this would easy and I would certainly get a local following, but i realize, lookin' at the blogs I follow, that you get comments if you are funny or tragic, I am neither, so I should expect no comments. I have also carefully kept my profile fairly inconspicuous, so no one is going to try to be my friend either. I am neither republican or democrate, but find the ways this city work (or not) interesting. An example of a conversation I heard the other day. It had to do with a public works project which had been budgeted for $300,000, but would cost $600,000 to finish. The conversation went something like this:
Person 1: "So with that shortfall how is the project going to get finished?"
person 2: "We'll get the rest of it anyway."
Person 1: "you going through the boards?"
Person 2: "No, but we'll get it."
I know this sounds simple, but it really underminds the whole way the friggin' governemnt is set up. No true review or oversight by the boards to see how money is spent (not that I think the boards are right by funding half of a project, but that is another story) and obviously there is $300,000 that is being set aside for something else that will be delayed or was never needed. I have seen a copy of the budget and the thought of all of this is frightening.

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