20 December, 2008

Good Things

Not everything I post will be criticizin' things in this small town, tryin' to grow up town, Stamford. One of the very bright spots has been garbage and recycling. I know the Tarzia faction wanted to make a big deal about the new trash cans and the elimination of backyard pick-up, but I like the new cans and they are easier to work with for me. I also could newr understand the frevor over backyard pick-up. I mean really, for many people (me included) it didn't happem anyway. Yes to get my garbage picked up I had to hail my cans out to the street, the guys would not come in my fenced area to get the garbage. And believe it or not I was glad they didn't invade my privacy at 6 in the morning or earlier. The other portion of this was recycling and I knew it was a private company and they were difficult, not coming when they were suppose to and picking up half the street and not the other. That changed sometime ago and it is now city worker who do the recycling and since then I have not had a problem. I also know that the public works, excuse me, the 'office of operations', suffer regularly when it come s to layoffs in the city work force and this redistribution of workers did a really good thing (I hate the thought of people getting laid off who have helped me in some way) in all ways concerned.

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