15 December, 2008

illegals and housing

Saw today that the Day workers got a party. Now before igot any further being and Day worker does NOT make you an illegal. I saw enough on the blogs to know that hte general flavor among the blogger's in Stamford at least is fairly positive. They fill a nitch that no one will fill an there are a lot of immigrants for a lot of countries. Now to the point, everyone knows rents are outrageos and so to save money housing is really full. I mean there are 3 maybe 4 gfuys to a room, or a whole family to a room. Then there are the housing ordinances, which specify how much space a person needs in a room. Who is there to enforce these ordinances? There was a task force that was composed of health, fire, police and social workers, but I think that is cut out because of budget cuts. How many times have you seen cutains in a cellar (one with no access 'cept through the house)? Or actually seen people living in one? I have countless times. I just think, a fire in the house would kill them, but to provide enforcement of these ordinaces, we need to have a budget that will support overtime and that means I have to pay more taxes, which basically support the quality of life of these lower income people. I am in a quandry.

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