18 December, 2008

Mill River Greenway

Just got my newist request for donation in the mail, from the friggin' people who are goin to redo the Mill River Park! Now I do not feel that it is a bad thing to redo the park, however there were a few surprises.
1) 40% of the cost WILL BE TAXPAYER MONEY!
2) Since they are soliciting donations, that means they DON'T have the other 60%!
3) Their proposed start has been delayed because one of the contractors who bid is challanging the who was rewarded the contract.

Okay, I actually like the park, hate the dam and would love to see a real walk/bike way along side the river. This of course should be conected to the northern extention so we could actually do some real biking in the area. I have absolutely no opinion on the trees. To me they are beautiful in the spring and wouldn't know a diseased tree from a healthy; an old tree from a young one.

On the other hand, I don't thnk the economy warrents spending money for these kind of improvewments right now. Do you think we could wait a year or two?


  1. I heard it would be upwards of 20 million dollars to create that 'greenway' ...that is a lot of green! I could think of about 20 million other ways to spend that money. How about the towers? The crater? Beautifying Shippan Point? Oh, I guess Shippan is the only part of Stamford that is beautiful. Coincidence?

  2. The issue here is that it is not city money and the greenway corporation was sending out for donations the other day and this is why they can do it. So apparently someone has money!