04 May, 2009

2 Issues tonight

The first comes from me third hand, so it is far from verified. Someone I know told me that someone he knows went by the waste-to-energy site today and it was shut down, no longer in operation.
Considering the opposition to the project, I do not doubt this. Any one else know?
The other is that we know the MAA union has agreed to give backs, 7 days of days off without pay. Considering the pay scale, that should not be a problem, next year they still have the 3% increase plus what ever they negotiate for this coming year. Any other unions in the works? I heard the police and fire had a 3% pay hike. How does that work and then they layoff teachers. Couldn't they layoff one assistant to the assistant vice principal at $100,000?
Do not understand this town.
Great new artificial turf covered fields and no teachers????

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