14 May, 2009

UAW votes in Stamford

As evry' one knows, I have been very much against what I saw the Board of Finance do to the regular city employees at the budget hearings. the more I hear, the worse it gets.
So last night there was a meeting, the UAW voted to take proposal one to the mayor.
This means that there will be 8.25 furlough days without pay and have no layoffs. The 3% increase exists, but is eliminated by the furlough days.
The kicker to me is that it now comes our that only regular, full-time city employees were targeted. There is no change for part-timers, retirees who came back, appointees or the like. The Mayor's cabinet enjoys a 12% pay increase for the year before (everyone else got 3%).
There is some thing wrong with this man Tarzia.

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  1. Paula, where do you get your info. i work at the city and did not know this till the afternoon. Everyone was talking about it.
    Thank you for your support.