23 May, 2009

Days without pay

The State of CT and Stamford have taken two very different approaches to handling "furlow" days. The state has certain days that everything will be closed. This last Friday was one, the day after Thanksgiving will be another and I believe the day after Christmas, but I'm not sure about that one. No business will be conducted. State use of cars have been eliminated. I believe the State Health Commissioner gave up his car some months back. Everyone is pitching in to save money.
Stamford will not be closed except for its "normal" Holidays. Furlows can be taken as days or hours and are handled as vacation time, except that the emplyee won't be paid for the time. Only the workers and direct supervisors are affected. Part-time, seasonal, and Appointed staff ,you know the ones with really big salaries, are not affected.
In this case I guess Stamford is the Town that works. Any thoughts?

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  1. I am in the middle and I do not know what is best. I know the union took the furlough days so that people who retire will be able to get the correct benefits and all, but I still think that it is much to do. I would have given up the 3%/