28 May, 2009

What is wrong with that man?

Tarzia, again! I am really on a rant with him. The funny thing is that a lot of people I talk to are having the same problem.
Today the Advocate had an article where he approves 2 of the unions' concessions, but not the other 6, except all the "give back" were identical!
The man does have a loose screw cause he will not be saving any money.
One comment I heard talked about how he has a conflict of interest in the whole thing because he is a teacher! Well, the teachers will loose people, but HE will get a 3% raise in July.
The children will suffer, under his malevolent guidance.
He is not helping save money at all. He goes after workers, but doesn't touch projects which spend millions (in this case I am talkin' about the waste to energy proposal that was removed because some sensible people stood up to it).
When are we going to get rid of this guy?

1 comment:

  1. Jeeze, Stamford, the man just thinks he is doing his job by causing a stink! He means no real harm except maybe to Malloy!