19 May, 2009

Double Standards

Here in the city that's not workin' for us, things have gotten nastier. The board of Finance and Tarzia particularly have approved additional money so that only 13 police will be laid off and still get their raises. I realize that the police are pretty much a bunch of spoiled brats and that the only one who ever took them on was Eposito, who I did NOT like, nor the way he did it), but what is good for one is good for all. The police are not special! Hold that thought, may be they are "special", but what is good for one municipal employee, is good for all. Many times I see the police dragging a social worker with them when they deal with difficult people.
But the BOF, in its infinite wisdom has said that they have a grudge against everyone Else who works for the city. Wait a minute, hold the presses, doesn't Tarzia work for the BOD? The one who is laying off TEACHERS, so everyone else can get a raise? Something is rotten in Stamford.
Tou knew this post was coming, all you lurkers!
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  1. I saw that in the Advocate today.
    Strange stuff, but if they did not want to cut the police, why do it in the first place?